PulseChain - The World's Largest Airdrop

If you own ETH or a ETH ERC20 coin (LINK, UNI, SHIB, MANA etc.) which is not on an exchange (please check out MetaMask https://metamask.io/ for storing your coins off exchange) you will be due an airdrop in the coming weeks. There is still no actual date for the launch of PulseChain but we will update this article once it's been announced.

PulseChain is making a 1:1 bit by bit copy of the Ethereum blockchain so not only do you get a copy of your ETH on Pulse but all the other coins you own as well, making it a truly gigantic airdrop.

PulseChain willl have it's own Uniswap/Pancakeswap trading platform called PulseX which will allow you to trade your coins on the Pulsechain network.

More info can be found here https://pulsechain.com/